For I know recovery comes from the body’s remarkable ability to heal with the right kind of help. Sometimes patients walk into my office right after an injury. Working together we design an effective plan for their recovery.

Unfortunately far too often I see patients months or years after an accident, when their health has been seriously compromised. Many of these people have bounced from doctor to doctor, tried practitioners of every stripe, in a seemingly futile quest to get well. They are often dismissed by the medical profession as “head cases.” These long-suffering victims often try to live a normal life while gallantly putting up with tremendous pain and dysfunction. They suffer from a host of maladies that they do not realize resulted from their accident. Problems like asthma, allergies, weight gain, headaches, menstrual problems, vision problems, tinnitus, dizziness, acid reflux, low back pain, and immune problems that seem to have appeared from nowhere.

Finally after a friend has pestered them long enough, they walk into my office. When I see them, they have despaired of ever feeling well. Fortunately, most of them can find profound relief with the right kind of treatment.
No matter how recent or how long ago it happened, no matter how minor or serious your injury – YOU CAN GET BETTER.
In my twenty-nine years as a physician, I have seen countless recoveries that seem miraculous. But not to me.
You Can Get Better!


Trauma does three things to your body that can, over time, devastate your health. Yet these three things are invisible to most people -- including most medical practitioners!

Treat the nervous system, control inflammation, and restore motion: these are the three keys to getting back your health.

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