Evan came to me after suffering for months from debilitating headaches, vision problems, and dizziness after being struck on the back of the head by a soccer ball during his high school soccer practice. The neurologists and other specialists who had worked him up and could find nothing wrong. Despite doing everything they recommended, he could not get better.

After taking a thorough history and physical, I placed my hands gently on Evan's head. It was obvious to me that the bones in the back of his head had been compressed by the blow. The compression had impeded blood and fluid circulation into and out of Evan's head, resulting in his headaches. Since vision involves the lobes of the brain in the back of the skull, the blow had distorted those lobes and affected his vision. And since the large bone in the back of the skull - the occiput - is connected directly to the temporal bones housing the inner ears, the blow had affected the balance centers in his ears, causing feelings of dizziness.

After three treatments, Evan's headaches had lessened, his vision had improved, and his dizziness was gone. He returned to school. Once he was completely healed, he was able to return to his beloved soccer.

The brain is the body's most intricate and complex organ, and researchers are making new discoveries every day to unravel its secrets. Cranial osteopaths have been treating the brain successfully for almost a century. You can heal from traumatic brain injury. To see a wonderful explanation of how cranial osteopathy can help heal traumatic brain injury, watch here.