OSTEOPATHY was founded by Andrew Taylor Still, a civil war physician. It is based on the following principle: that which is best within us, heals us. It is a philosophy of health and optimism.

As Osteopathic physicians, we are trained to enlist the patient's own healing ability to propel them towards health. What makes osteopathic medicine so powerful and effective is our ability to help stimulate the patient's remarkable healing strength.


Both Osteopathic physicians (D.O.'s) and medical doctors (M.D.'s) are fully licensed physicians, authorized to prescribe medication and perform surgery. Osteopathic Medical School requires the same rigorous training in the basic sciences as MD or "allopathic" medical schools. However, all osteopaths receive hundreds of additional hours of training in anatomy, physiology and manual medicine.

Those of us - approximately 1000 in the United States - have chosen to emphasize this unique aspect of medical practice. We are called "Manipulating Osteopathic Physicians" or Specialists in Manual Medicine.
Of this specialized group, approximately 400 of us have continued on to become board certified in Manual Medicine, with the title "Certified Specialist in Proficiency of Manual Medicine [CSPOMM].

Osteopathic manual medicine has articulated five main goals:

•relief of pain and reduction of all symptoms, be they neurological, immune, circulatory or musculoskeletal;
•improved blood flow and nutrition to injured areas so that injuries heal more effectively and quickly;
•Assisting the body in maintaining sufficient flow of fluid into and out of the heart, brain, kidneys, liver and other organs so that health improves throughout;
•removal of impediments to proper neurological function, including addressing streses on the brain;
•improving the functioning and movement of the joints, tissues, lympathics, and organs.