“Dr. Nerman has been working with our 2-year-old daughter for nearly one year, and in that time, we have seen great progress in her as she learns to walk, which we feel is attributable, in part, to the cranial osteopathy and homeopathy with Dr. Nerman. After only a few sessions with Dr Nerman, even our daughter’s OT remarked that things were so different since the sessions with Dr. Nerman, that she was now a believer in this work! I’d also like to add that Dr. Nerman is a kind and gentle person, who truly supports us in our journey and encourages us in such a way that I always leave her office feeling uplifted and good about myself as a mother, and our daughter’s potential to walk.”


Osteopathic medicine dramatically addresses many pediatric problems. Infants suffering from colic, sleeping problems, spitting up and difficulty in sucking often gain complete relief after 2-4 osteopathic cranial treatments.

That's because the flexible newborn's head against the nerves to the tongue, stomach and muscles needed for swallowing. Once we gently remove the bony and connective compression on these critical nerves, sucking problems, colic and spitting up usually resolve.

Distortions in the head can also interrupt the newborns normally healthy sleep pattern. Once we even out the bones and 108 joints in the head, the brain can pulsate more freely.

Osteopathic treatment can provide dramatic results when children suffer from asthma, chronic ear infections, recurrent sore throats, sinus problems, and headaches.

By treating the rib cage and freeing up the motion of the chest, as well as improving diaphramtic breathing, osteopathy often stops an
asthma attack and can help prevent future attacks.

Ear infections often resolve when the temporal bones are unlocked. Once the temporal bones move freely, a bit like the gills of a fish. They pump the eustacian tubes and help drain the mucous in the ears, resolving infections and help preventing future infections.

Serious problems like
cerebral palsy, ADD, learning disabilities and autism are often significantly helped by cranial osteopathic care.