After recovering from serious childhood illness, I wanted to help others, especially children, who struggle with their health. I picked the most powerful healing art to practice - osteopathic medicine. I specialized in manual medicine, cranial osteopathy, and classical homeopathy.

Using both my skills as a physician and as a homeopath I have successfully treated epilepsy, headaches, brain injury, chronic ear infections, colic, asthma, hearing loss, disc protrusions, back and neck pain, and many other serious conditions. I am often the physician of last resort.

My doctors told me that I had the largest extruding disc in the history of their orthopedic medicine department and that I'd never walk again. Within a few visits of seeing Maud I was able to walk and have remained pain free ever since.

Maud has literally changed my life and I am so thankful for the time and patience she has shared with me and my family." --Thankful Patient
Because four or five osteopathic visits can change a child's life (and I do love treating children) it's always a pleasure to treat them.

I also enjoy working in partnership with adults to find and treat the source of their often complex problems.